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Never Give In

Collection from short lived Finish Punk/Hardcore band that was around from 1984 – 1987. Fast furious hardcore punk played by teenage kids, loaded with hooks and tight playing.

Tracks A1-A7: EP Demo 25.5.1985
Tracks A8-A10: Studio 55 Demo 1985
Tracks B1-B6: 3SV Studio Demo 7.6.1986 / Turku Haisee kok.LP session
Tracks B7-B10: Ihminen On Ihmiselle Susi, Eläimelle? Kok. kassu 1985/1986.

Coroners Report
NEW 7"

Originally released in 1984 in a very limited quantity only 100 copies were pressed, this Southern California short lived band featured Billy Ledges of popular long running Orange County Punk band Mad Parade and members of the Stiv Bators backing band.


Never Give In
NEW LP (green vinyl)

On vinyl for the first time, the unreleased early studio recordings of long running UK Hardcore Punk band Dogsflesh. Starting out in 1982 from Teesside, Dogsflesh drew their influences from other bands of the time and shared stages and tours with many of the popular and legendary bands of the day such as The Exploited, UK subs, Angelic Upstarts, GBH and Discharge. The LP consists of 9 tracks of raging UK82 Punk Hardcore fury recordred between 82-84 with fantastic artwork and packaging.

Silent Cry 83 to 84
NEW LP (pale blue vinyl)

Available for the first time all the studio recordings of UK Punk band The Cause, the LP includes their rare and collectable 1984 7inch ‘Silent Cry’ along with both of their unreleased rare studio demos ‘Violence’ and ‘Solider Boy’.



Freshly Riot

Limited 100 grey vinyl and 400 black

Freshly Riots were an early Danish punk band that self-released all their own music on their Bondeskiver Records label. ‘Perhaps’ was their second cassette only release, originally released in 1982. Available for the first time on vinyl thanks to PNV records. Awesome dissonant punk with elements of raw chaotic 60s garage psych. Instantly familiar and catchy but also dark and ominous and weirdly chaotic and unnerving.

Self Abuse
State of mind
82 to 84 demos and single LP

First press split vinyl half blue/half red 300 copies


British punk band from Bournemouth, 1982 to 1984.


16 Guns
On The Piss Again 84/85 Demos
(black vinyl) NEW LP


Queer Pills brings you another slab of underappreciated forgotten UK Punk. 16 Guns, a fiery young band existing from 83-85. In those short 23 months they recorded 3 demos of blistering UK punk. The Queer Pills LP collects all three demos. They were a hard working unit that toured and played all over the UK with the likes of The UK Subs, The Samples, Hagar the Womb, Red London, Death Zone, The A-Heads and the Toy Dolls to name a few.

I Need Nothing


Third installment in the menace singles reissues. classic 70s punk with an unreleased bonus song
"i like chips" from 1978

Demo 1983
7'' -

$10 ppd in US
$16 for canada
$21 for world

Iconoclasts were a short lived highly spirited female punk band from liverpool that started in 1980 who were involved in the WASP Collective. Perfect mix of 77 style punk and elements of post-punk and Anarcho sounds. For fans of Expelled, Lost Cherrees,Vice Squad, Action-Pact, Rubella Ballet and early Siouxsie.

1984 recordings
LP -


Kotsbrokken was a band from Netherlands that lasted from 1982-1984. the band never recorded a record which is very sad because they had signed a contract for an ep to be released on Red Lux Records that also released vopos. The record has been 3 years In The making of trying to find flyers and art work of the band. On the LP we bring to you the best Recording Kotsbrokken had recorded, 15 tracks of some of the best punk you will ever find.

Screaming Dead
Westren front

lear vinyl
ppd in the US
$15 for canada
$18 for world
comes with booklet and sticker

Black vinyl
$10 ppd in US
$12 for canada
$15 for world

Italian hardvore OI

$17 ppd in US
$19 for canada
rest of world $26
Limited red vinyl : +$1


False Confession
out of the basement
demo recordings NARDCORE!

Limited red vinyl presale

Sold out

screwed/insane society + bonus aces song
7' -
Second out of 5

Classic 77 UK punk
Originally released in 1977

$10 ppd in US
$12 for canada
$15 for world

G. L. C.

Classic 77 UK punk. Originally out in 1978.
Now repressed and the first out of 5 in the series of menace singles to come out in time to support the east coast appearance.
There will be limited box set of all 5 7”s in the end. More details later


Sold out

Rajoitettu ydinsot

Classic finnish hardcore from 1982.
Limited repress for their west coast tour.
100 on green vinyl 400 on black vinyl with extra photos on inside cover..


Sold out

Picture Frame Seduction
Hand of the rider

LP with bonus 7" tracks

$17 ppd in US
$19 for canada
rest of world $26

Limited version of the Picture frame seduction.
for sale NOW! ($3 more)

1985 LP reissue


Tracks A1 to A4 originally released as the 'Mielenhäiriö' single-sided 7" in 1985.
Tracks A5 to B2 originally released as the 'Mielenhäiriö II' 7" EP in 1986.
Tracks B3 to B9 originally released as the 'Sähkökatkos' 7" EP also in 1986.

$17 ppd in US / $19 for canada / rest of world $26

Available now : limited screen print sleeve
$18 ppd.US, $22 canada, $29 world

Screaming Dead
Children of the bone yard stones

SCREAMING DEAD hailed from the UK in the early '80s and were labled a horror-punk'' band. This 7'' has 6 tracks all recorded in 1982 which originally came out as a demo tape. This is the 1st time these songs have been put onto vinyl with original art work.


Sold out